A multimedia storyteller's portfolio


Waiting Idiot


An Idiotarod participant waits for his teammates to begin the race.

World War I-Era Idiot


An Idiotarod participant dressed in World War I-era German military regalia walks to the race’s starting point.

Bipartisan Idiocy


Men wearing masks of Presidents Kennedy, Nixon, Clinton and Reagan meet at the starting point of the Idiotarod, a race held every year in New York. Teams made up of five racers and a shopping cart race each other dressed in costumes that usually reference pop culture, media and politics.

Worship on the Ganges


Hindu worshipers gather on the banks of the Ganges to make offerings of fire or aarti every night at 8 p.m. Haridwar, India

The Ganges at Night


Two boys take a dip in the Ganges River. Haridwar, India.

Shiva at Dusk


This statue is located in Haridwar, India, on the banks of the Ganges River, at a spot, where according to Hindu mythology, Shiva created the Ganges.