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The Galveston County Daily News

The Galveston County Daily News

NASA jobs in limbo
While the fight to save the Constellation program continues, some say saving the space shuttle program is the way to save jobs in the region.

Heroin takes on new look
A liquefied version of black tar heroin is gaining ground on marijuana and prescription drugs as the drug of choice for teens in North County suburbs, Friendswood police said.

Ghost hunters search for paranormal in Galveston
Group broadcasts investigations of ‘haunted’ buildings in historic Strand area.

Vendor fighting release of red light records
Access to detailed information about the effectiveness of the city’s red light camera program is being challenged by the vendor that operates the cameras.

Police toss some red light camera tickets
In a span of about three months, motorists driving in League City ran red lights 24,196 times, a rate of 239 times a day, at eight intersections monitored by cameras.

City’s garbage contract under review
The city is reviewing its contract with a garbage contractor after a Texas appeals court upheld a civil jury’s 2008 decision that found Janell Marin liable for committing fraud and forgery against IESI, the city’s previous garbage contractor.

City might install cameras at parks
A rash of graffiti and vandalism in city parks and facilities has officials considering surveillance cameras.

Councilman threatening to take blogger to court
A city councilman is threatening to take a blogger to court for posting comments that accuse him of political horse trading.

Movie to focus on unsolved Calder Road, I-45 corridor murders
A movie based on the unsolved Calder Road and Interstate 45 corridor murders will begin filming in April in Louisiana, Variety, a film industry trade magazine, reported.